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Distance Learning

2014 Mental Health Interpreter Training

August 4-8, 2014, Montgomery, Alabama,  For more information:

A collaborative effort between the Alabama Department of Mental Health’s Office of Deaf Services
ADARA and Troy University Interpreter Training Program

A 40-hour course designed to provide a sound basis for interpreters to work effectively in mental health settings as part of a Associated with Mental Illness and Treatment, Interpreters’ Roles, Tools, and Resources, Severe Language Dysfluency and Visual Gestural Communication/CDIs/Interpreters who are Deaf, Psychiatric Emergencies, Confidentiality Ethics and Laws, Support Groups and Community Mental Health Services, Psycholinguistic Errors and Demand Control Schema for Interpreting Applied to Mental Health.

Bob Pollard, Robyn Dean, Roger Williams, Steve Hamerdinger, Charlene Crump, Brian McKenny, Shannon Reese, et. al.

A minimum of 4.0 RID CEUs will be offered.

$340 (February 16- April 13, 2014)
$390 (April 14-May 31, 2014)
$425 (after May 31, 2014)
Day Rate: $100

$215 (February 16- April 13, 2014)
$265 (April 14-May 31, 2014)
$310 (after May 31, 2014)
Day Rate: $85

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