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About Us

Shelly Browning MA, CI, CT ~ Founder

Shelly holds an AA degree in Sign Language Interpreting, a BA degree in Cultural Anthropology and an MA degree in English as a Second Language. She took her first sign language class at the age of 13 in order to be able to communicate with her Deaf cousin. Since then, she has made a life long career of joyously working within the Deaf community in a variety of settings ranging from Deaf schools, to employment development for the Deaf, and most notably as a Peace Corps volunteer in Tunisia, North Africa where she taught at a small school for the Deaf in the Sahara desert. She has worked as a freelance sign language interpreter since 1990 in a variety of settings including business, corporate, mental health, medical, and technical environments. She particularly enjoys working in educational settings and has experience interpreting in all levels of education from kindergarten classrooms to PhD programs. Outside of sign language interpreting she enjoys traveling, yoga, hiking, gardening, and aromatherapy.

Mary Nelson BA, CI, CT ~ Scheduling Wizard

mary-nelsonA native of Los Angeles, Mary Nelson moved to the North Bay in December of 2005 with her best friend and husband Tadd, and has fallen in love with the area and its people. While in L.A., she graduated on the Deans List with an AA from L.A. Pierce College’s Interpreter Training Program in 1995, and with her BA from California State University of Northridge cum laude in 2000. Mary then moved to Idaho to earn a BS in Educational Interpreting from Idaho State University and graduated cum laude and with High Honors in 2006. She has been a mentor to student interpreters and interpreters new to the field for over 12 years. She formerly served as vice president and secretary of the Northern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and was recently elected member at large. What really makes Mary’s clock tick are hiking, camping and cooking up a storm.

Teresa Sedano, BA, CI/CT ~ Office Zen Master

teresa-sedanoTeresa graduated with a BA degree in Sociology from Northern Arizona University and completed the American Sign Language Interpreter Training program at American River College in 1991. Teresa continued to pursue her love of interpreting and combined it with her passion for theater by establishing “StageSigns, Inc”, a non-profit organization which provided interpreting for theatrical productions from 1999-2003. Teresa currently enjoys freelance work along with focusing on her new business, Healthy CEU’s for Sign Language Interpreters, which provides opportunities to earn professional continuing educational units with a focus on healthy maintenance and longevity for our profession. Teresa helps us all to keep our zen by applying her positive and healthy outlook on life to our office practices.

Louann Pironti BS, CI/CT ~ Tech Shaman

louann-pirontiLouann works magic with all things technical at The Nature of Interpreting, including web maintenance, interfacing with software designers and managing computer operations. Her skills extend to providing excellent sign language interpreting services in community settings for over 20 years, in addition to 9 plus years in Video Relay Interpreting. She is a 2 term Past-President of Northern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (NorCRID) and holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Mills College. Our Tech Shaman runs Streamline Conference Interpreting, which specializes in interpreting technical conferences, workshops and seminars. In addition, she holds three certifications in aromatherapy, she is the owner of Aromatic Messages. She keeps her Zen by practicing aromatherapy with Shelly and friends. Louann’s best magic is her smile and affable personality. She loves people and they love her. Louann is everybody’s favorite geek.

Jean Browning ~ Future CEO

Jean is the niece of Shelly Browning and is aspiring to someday take over the family business. Jean has a knack for picking up languages   quickly.  Her mother is a native of El Salvador and Jean is fluent in Spanish and often does interpreting for her mother and family friends. She would like to study Italian and French and someday add spoken language services to The Nature of Interpreting, LLC agency. She is currently in the 7th grade and enjoys math, art, music, dancing, animals, and traveling.

Our Interpreters

The Nature of Interpreting, LLC proudly offers some of nature’s finest interpreters.
The sign language interpreters who we provide are carefully screened for their professionalism and accuracy and are certified by either the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) or the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), the governing board for sign language interpreters. We adhere to the code of professional conduct of our profession which includes; possessing appropriate skills for a specific interpreting situation, confidentiality, professional distance, respect for consumers, ethical business practices, and continued professional development.

It is with great pleasure, that we introduce you to a few of our illustrious team of interpreters:

Matthew Parkhurst, MA, NIC

matthew-parkhurstMatt is a graduate of California State University, Northridge. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude from CSUN in Deaf Studies, a Master of Arts degree in Deaf Education, and holds both a Multiple Subject and an Education Specialist Teaching Credential in Deaf and Hard-of-hearing.  Matt holds RID certifications NIC and Ed:K-12. Since completing his degree program in Interpreting for the Deaf, Matthew has interpreted in many settings, including educational, legal, corporate, VRS, technical, medical, religious, platform, and performance. He has shared the stage with countless performers, including Pat Benetar, Maci Gray, Patti LaBelle, Third Eye Blind and Cyndi Lauper. He also worked as a language coach on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  A real “do-it-yourselfer”, he loves working in his garden, making home renovations, and playing with his golden retriever, Morgan.

Moire Martin BA, CI, CT

moire-martinMoire holds a BA degree from California State University, Long Beach in American Studies with a focus on Women’s Studies. She completed a Sign Language Interpreter Training Program at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in 1996. She is a member of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf , the Northern California Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, and the National Association of the Deaf. She has experience in interpreting in Video Relay Services, post secondary, K-12, medical, mental health, and business settings. She enjoys the rewarding aspects of working with a team and mentoring upcoming interpreters. Her interests outside interpreting include walking at the ocean, hiking, bike riding, quilting, reading, and sharing delicious vegan meals with friends.

Tadd Cohen BS, CI, CT


Tadd holds a BS degree in Educational Interpreting from Idaho State University and an AA degree in interpreting from Los Angeles Pierce College. Tadd is currently an instructor in the Interpreter Training & American Sign Language Program at Santa Rosa Junior College. He also teaches a myriad of workshops including Communication Processing, Mentoring, ADA, Theatrical Interpreting, and Classifiers to up and coming interpreters. Tadd worked as a professional actor for twelve years until he found his second love- American Sign Language & interpreting. Tadd has been able to combine these passions and has interpreted numerous productions including: Romeo and Juliet; A Chorus Line, The Wizard of Oz, Grease, The Miracle Worker,  Annie, West Side Story, Peter Pan, and more. One of Tadd’s biggest joys is going to work and seeing connections and rapport build on a daily basis. When not at work, Tadd loves eating food off a griddle, camping, & strong black coffee.

Cheryl Hamblin BA, CSC

cheryl-hamblinCheryl has over 25 years of interpreting experience. Cheryl has interpreted extensively in the areas of drug and alcohol recovery, medical appointments and procedures, K-12 and post-secondary settings, and the field of mental health. She grew up in the east bay although she feels most at home since moving to Sonoma County 10 years ago. When not interpreting, Cheryl is most happy when outdoors, whether she is swimming, gardening, kayaking, or hiking. Some of her other interests include yoga and spirituality, knitting, alternative health care, and photography.

Tracy Brennan CI, CT

tracy-brennanTracy began her interpreting career in 1980, when she graduated with her AA degree in interpreting from Bakersfield Community College. She went on to continue her studies at California State University Northridge where she met her husband and began her family. Tracy has experience in interpreting in virtually all settings, including mental health, legal, educational, post secondary, medical, religious, Video Relay, and is most famously known for her theatrical work. Most notably, she has interpreted Lion King on Broadway in New York. She currently teaches “Theatrical Interpreting” for upcoming interpreters at American River College in Sacramento. Outside of interpreting she enjoys running with her dog, spending time with her new husband, five sons and friends. Tracy loves nature and finding lucky pennies and rocks in the shape of hearts.